Rhea Co MG Projects

Rhea County Medical Center Courtyard Garden
The Hospital will provide all materials including bark, soil
amendments, mulch, fertilizer, containers, Round-up*, pre-emergent
chemicals, etc.
The hospital will provide the annual bedding plants and Master
Gardeners may supplement with donated plants that are healthy and
disease free.
Work times include pruning, landscape consulting/planning and
removing spent annuals and planting fresh annuals. The hospital is
responsible for watering.
Faith Young is Courtyard Project Chairman. Please contact her to
volunteer for this project.

Ag Center / Fairgrounds
The Master Gardeners have been actively involved with the grounds
at the Ag Center, planting trees, spreading mulch, clearing, as well as
erecting and finishing buildings. Prior to the fair, the Master
Gardeners provide food for volunteers at the fairgrounds. Members
also decorate the interior and exterior of the Farm Credit Exhibit Hall
as well as the garden at the base of the flag pole.
In 2011 and 2012 the Master Gardeners had a booth at the Fair
selling plants and our very own MG Cookbooks. We also used our
booth to increase awareness of the program to promote enrollment in
future MG classes. In 2014 Master Gardeners and Interns manned a booth selling
baked goods and lemonade and helped to educate the community about beans!

We are excited for 2015 to be working on breaking ground on a new building that will New Building.jpg
give Master Gardeners a new home on the fair grounds.  Along with the building will be landscaping projects and hopefully a greenhouse.  This project will take several years and give Master Gardeners ample opportunity to earn service hours.  Stay tuned for more news on this project. 

Spring City Depot
In 2011, the Master Gardeners took on this project that involved
maintenance of the established plants, planting some Knock Out
roses and planting annuals. Spring City agreed in 2012 to repair the
watering system and now Spring City is responsible for watering.
Judith Barger is Depot Project Chairman. Please contact her to
volunteer for this project.

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