Wooden's Apple Orchard and Cafe Outing

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Thomas Greenlee led a group of 10 Master Gardeners to Wooden's Apple Orchard and Cafe on October 24, 2015. The group had the opportunity to spend time in one of the orchards with Mark Wooden as he gave an overview from planting to harvest and everything in between.  While some of their orchards have varieties of large trees that range up to 30 years in age, the newer orchards are planted in dwarf varieties and much easier to manage. 

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After the orchard the group got a look at the sorting and packaging area.  Up to 800 bushels a day are processed at the Apple Barn with the season running from July to early November and sometimes beyond.  Weather plays an important factor in the length of the season and during the down time there is still tons of work, like planting and pruning. After the tour, everyone enjoyed the wonderful apple dumplings with ice cream and took home lots of goodies!  









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