Master Gardener Tomato Trials

2016 Rhea County Tomato Trial Update and work day plan

The following will be an overview of what will be coming up for the Tomato Trial project.

All of the following days are dependent on weather! If it’s raining when you get up, stay home.

As need arises I will plan other work days and send them out via phone and though email. If you have any questions please let me know!


April 4

Meet at the Ag Center about 8 a.m. We will be working on getting the beds finished, the in-ground site prepped and installing irrigation lines in the beds. We will also be pulling soil samples and prepping them to be tested. We will also work on designing the trellis system for the berries. This day should only be about a half day of work and not terribly labor intensive. If you would like to cook lunch please let John Kueck or myself know.


April 11 

Meet at the Ag Center about 8 a.m. My major plan for this day is to begin installing trellis system for berries and in the beds. We will also need to fertilize the grow areas and ensure that they are fully prepped. We will also begin work on the building this day so it will be a full day. At this point, I think we need to first do the gable ends and fascia just to make the building look more complete. If you would like to cook lunch please let John Kueck or myself know.


April 18

Arrive about 8 a.m. This day will be mainly concerned with the building and cleanup of the grounds. We will try to pick up sticks and limbs that fell over the winter, clean up around outdoor areas and possibly do some landscaping in focus areas. We will need LOTS of help this day and please come with landscape ideas! Once again this will be a full day so we will need someone to cook lunch.


April 25

Arrive about 8 a.m. This day will be totally tied up with the straw bale gardens. We will be getting the bales in place, constructing a trellis system, designing and implementing the irrigation system for the straw bales and the in-ground site. We will also be going over the plans for the week to come on what needs to be done each day to the bales.


May 9

THE BIG DAY!!! Arrive about 8 a.m. HOPEFULLY our plants will be here and ready to plant. We will spend most of the morning getting plants in the ground and trellised. We will also be fertilizing and working on getting our site ready for Celebrate the Earth on the 17th so landscaping and the like will be happening this day. 

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