The Master Gardener Program will be offering classes for interns beginning May 3, 2018.
The classes will be held at the Rhea County Agricultural Center and Fair Grounds in the gray 
Master Gardener building located at the back of the Center. Class meets every Thursday 
from 5:30 to 8:30 with a break for dinner and runs for 14 weeks. 

Areas of training may include many subjects directly or indirectly related to horticulture.  They
include basic ​garden botany and identification, propagation, care and culture of vegetables,
small fruit, tree fruit, herbaceous and woody ornamental, turf and houseplants.  Identification
and control of insects, disease ​and weeds is heavily emphasized and may comprise several
study units.  Specialized instruction concerning soils, household pests, landscaping, growing
and using herbs, organic gardening, aquaponics and the use of high tunnels are frequently included. 

For more information see helpful links. 

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