Beans... We're The Magical Fruit

The 201medium_Beans-logo_1.jpg3 Master Gardener class helped to educate the Rhea County community about beans as their class project with a booth at the 18th annual "Farm Day" at Purser Farm in May of 2014  and a booth at the Rhea County Fair in August.  Beans are good for the soil, good for you and there is a bean for every taste!  Beans put nitrogen back into the soil, can be sown directly into the garden or a container, grow rapidly and produce large amounts in a small space. They are easy to grow and are relatively pest free.  High in fiber, protein and low in fat, containing medium_fair-2014a.jpgvitamins like A and C, iron, calcium, magnesium, manganese and potassium, beans provide many healthy benefits to the human body. 

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